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Are You Tired of Chasing Symptoms of Pain, but Never Getting to the Root Cause?

Are You Looking for a Natural, Whole-Body Solution That Really Works?

We can help!

If there is an issue of concern that is affecting you or a loved one, 

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looking for an effective solution to the status quo, please,

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Whether you are aspiring to new fitness goals, experiencing limitations from a nagging injury, are suffering from chronic muscular neck or back pain that is holding you back, or are in need of improving your performance for a physically demanding job, we can help!

The most common problems we take to our doctors relate to aches and pains and restrictions of the musculoskeletal system, the ‘machinery’ of the body. "There is a great deal that we can teach to individuals, things they can do for themselves to prevent such problems, and help in treatment and rehabilitation once problems have occurred." - Leon Chaitow, ND, DO

Discover how highly effective Alternative and Complementary approaches to the traditional medical fields of orthopedic medicine, physical therapy and typical gym exercise training can help you create and maintain a performing body for an active and dynamic lifestyle.

"Self-correction arises from self-discovery". - John E. Upledger, DO, OMM, developer of the Cranio-Sacral Therapy modality (CST) and Co-Founder of the Upledger Institute.  

Recovery has the potential to be a profound and empowering discovery process. For best results, we believe that it is fundamentally important that each individual who works with us be fully enrolled as an active partner, a fully involved participant in this interactive partnership
. Whether it involves the challenges of recovering from a physical injury or facilitating the expansion of wellness and well-being, we
 will meet in turn each person at their current level of physical aptitude, learning style and state of fitness — from sedentary to very active, and coach everyone through the challenges of this journey one step at a time.

Email or call us to discover how we can further help you create a well-rounded and safe Home Care & Wellness Exercise Practice, and Maintenance Program, one that fits your lifestyle — one that you are more likely to stick with for long-terms results. 

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Dominique Daly, BCTMB, CPT, LMT
Board Certified Bodywork Therapist
Corrective Exercise Teacher 
Bodywork Therapeutics
AIS Wellness

Bodywork Therapeutics offers Comprehensive Therapeutic Bodywork Solutions and designs personalized, evidence-based Corrective Exercise and Home Care Plans that fit the active 40-80 year young lifestyle in search of a dynamic, performing and reliable body.

We provide bodywork therapy and teach effective, accessible, outcome-based self-care and wellness maintenance solutions that are clinically proven to safely restore postures, freedom of movement, promote the prevention of injuries and maximize the musculoskeletal system's potential to fuel a vibrant, active lifestyle.

AIS Wellness focuses on Prevention. It teaches and trains the professional bodyworker and other physically demanding professions, the art and science of safe and reliable body mechanics with powerful, yet simple to implement work “habits and practices" that are proven to systematically reduce the risk of injuries, chronic muscular inflammation and work exhaustion commonly found with physical, repetitive tasks.

AIS is a comprehensive system that addresses the whole body, from the most superficial, to the deepest layers. It is not invasive or painful.

AIS, or Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening is a method of muscle lengthening, fascial release and muscle strengthening developed by Aaron Mattes. It is a type of stretching used by high performance athletes that provides effective, dynamic and facilitated lengthening of muscles and muscle groups. Perhaps more importantly, this method assists in the functional restoration of superficial and deep fascial tissues - what literally holds all our body parts and organ systems together. In brief, it is what shapes us.

Building muscle mass, practicing aerobics or working on your balance are good practices, but it is not enough.

“Matching the therapeutic method to the individual's particular needs is the art of healing.”  - Leon Chaitow