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Who We Are

Dominique Daly is a Board Certified Bodywork Therapist, a Movement and Corrective Exercise Teacher who successfully integrates Kinesiology, Western and Traditional Eastern movement approaches with specialized exercises to help individuals free themselves of physical limitations brought on by sedentary lifestyles, sub-optimal postures, unresolved physical challenges and traumas.



Dominique works with business owners who have chronic physical health issues and seek effective solutions to heal their condition.

He teaches proven effective movement and atypical exercise systems that are beneficial to people from every walks of life for injury prevention and performance enhancement, but also for long-term well-being and fitness.

From professional musicians, golfers and week-end athletes wanting to improve their performance and/or recover from nagging injuries; to overworked homemakers, stressed executives, manual therapists or dynamic octogenarians simply wishing to enjoy an active and productive life without unwarranted limitations.

In addition to restoring postures, improving flexibility, balance and agility, the benefits of his programs for lifestyle, longevity and well-being are readily experienced and the work becomes an intuitive and self-evident playbook for life.

Background and Education

Dominique received his formal education in Europe, in the Arts, Humanities, Sciences and Physical Education. After suffering a disabling motorcycle accident and reconstructive surgery in his early twenties, Dominique found himself on a slow path to recovery - and according to medical doctors following him at the time, with rather low prospects of a full recovery.

He eventually moved to the United States and later 
trained with several pioneers and prominent figures in the fields of Movement, Manual Therapy and Bodywork. His ongoing passion for research all the while training in effective restorative practices and rehabilitative science led him to study the fields of 
fascial research and injury prevention.

What originally motivated a search for remedies to bring about his own personal recovery eventually revealed a much wider field with new skills, better expectations of recovery and a passion to help others who were suffering similar disabling sequels from physical, mental and emotional traumatic experiences. 

Dominique has since been helping countless individuals recover, restore and often exceed pre-trauma functionality, and perhaps as important, understand (better) their own body, and its remarkable potential for long-term resolution of life-changing challenges and traumas with their long-term associated challenges that tend to follow.

Dominique helps his clients push 
beyond oftentimes unrealistic and artificially self-imposed limitations that typically curtail complete recovery, including one's enjoyment of a productive and fulfilling life.  

-- A body that works optimally will not only support, but also "shape" a mind to work optimally.

Dominique Daly is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner and endorsed as a Lead Teacher of the 
Active Isolated Stretching & Strengthening (AIS) methodology by its founder Aaron Mattes.  He is Board Certified as a Massage & Bodywork Therapist with advanced specializations in Orthopedic, Core and Integral Myofascial, Myoskeletal and Cranio-Sacral Therapies (addressing the soft-tissue, muscle, neurological and musculoskeletal structures of the body for improved posture, function and well-being), Corrective Exercise, Flexibility Enhancement Modalities, and the field of Energy Medicine including Western Therapeutic Touch, Eastern originated Shiatsu Acupressure, QiGong and Usui Reiki. He holds professional certifications from the Core Institute in Structural Bodywork, Kinesis Myofascial Integration, and from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in Personal Fitness and Corrective Exercise Training. Mr. Daly is also Licensed as a Massage Therapist by the Connecticut Department of Public Health, CT. Lic. #005253.

General thoughts about "Healing"


 "The map is not the territory".  I believe that one requisite part of healing, physical and holistic, demands a personal and deep search for answers beyond the obvious mechanical and potential emotional injury that these inevitably bring on. Indeed, it is a process of "discovery" involving below-the-surface investigations and resolutions.  

— As a bodyworker and therapist my involvement in this search is in great part that of a guide to my clients - a knowledgeable and experienced coach who can provide the needed tools and teach the appropriate therapeutic and post-therapy practices that are often necessary to help navigate this path from "discovery" and shift into "recovery", safely and successfully.

Further, my mission is to make the journey of healing for my clients enjoyable, rewarding and ultimately revelatory: Life can be an ongoing Discovery Process of great magnitude. There is always room for improvement, for fruitful expansion to new, uncharted territories. A body that works optimally will support a mind to work optimally. When harmoniously aligned with our true purpose in this lifetime — that which gives us joy and makes us thrive — we optimize our God-given potential to realize our dreams, transform our lives and the world around us.

— "Develop health, both in body and mind":

As the Great Eastern Philosophies have rightly taught us, Body, Mind and Soul are interrelated and intertwined. You have a duty to the body - keeping it fit; a duty to the mind - developing its powers; and a duty to the soul - daily meditation of the source (and purpose) of your being. 

What Is New in Workshops, Seminars and Talks

In an effort to reach a wider audience in the communities that we serve Dr. Vijaya Nair and I have joined efforts to present workshops and teach simple to implement, yet effective for all daily practices, evidence-based tools for empowering Self-Care and expanding Well-being with Movement and Education.

The purpose of these workshops is to help individuals find a deeper connection to their own inner source of being, their innate ability to heal, and open the door to new possibilities in their lives.  


Stepping out of what we call "our comfort zone" creates the possibility of new and improved interactions for the various environments that we navigate in, on a day-to-day basis, in the present moment; this inevitably results in augmented well-being, not just in ourselves, but also with all the people that we touch and whose lives we impact - and hence have the privilege to enrich our mutual experiences with deeper and more meaningful connections.

During our workshops we share and practice Mindful Movement, Meditation and Dynamic Posture Exercises, tools that not only train us to be more connected to our innate source of being but also help us expand our experiential vocabulary and interact with our surroundings more effectively.

This is 
a powerful approach that revolves about the body-mind axis of health in the present moment.


Learn To Move Without Pain/ Move Without Pain
Talks and Educational Workshop Series Teaching Movement and Simple Exercises to Improve Posture, Flexibility and Wellness. 
Presented by Dominique Daly

This post was contributed by a community member.

The Simsbury Public Library will be offering a series of 4 free workshops entitled MIND-BODY THERAPEUTICS: LEARN TO MOVE WITHOUT PAIN led by Dominique Daly, LMT, CPT, NCTMB on February 5, 12, 19 and 26 from 10:00 to 11:30 AM in the Library Program Room. During these sessions, you will discover simple, yet practical tools to help you tap into a vast source of knowledge, guidance and inspiration from within to: Reduce stress, tension and aches in your body; Optimize Posture through increased knowledge of functional anatomy; Increase flexibility; Expand body awareness; and balance your body and mind. The mindful movement practices you will learn are based on both ancient Eastern healing wisdom and modern evidence-based clinical work. Come learn simple but highly effective ways to obtain a more natural spinal alignment, find ease in your movements and sitting postures, be more flexible, reduce fatigue and increase vitality, and create more joy and creativity in your life.

Dominique Daly is a nationally certified massage therapist, movement educator and bodyworker who teaches injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance enhancement. A lead teacher of the Active Isolated Stretching & Strengthening (AIS) method, he holds certifications from the Core Institute in Structural Bodywork, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and Corrective Exercise Training. His practice, Body Work Therapeutics, is in Simsbury and Stamford and he teaches workshops.

You do not need to attend all 4 workshops, but you will maximize your benefits by attending as many as your schedule allows. Registration is requested at 860-658-7663 x2200.

Raising Consciousness: Experiencing Spiritual Awakening with Meditation and Mindful Movements with Dr. Vijaya Nair and Dominique Daly

Originally Presented at the Richard Gere and Carey Lowell's Bedford Post, NY

The body is an integral part of spiritual awakening. 

Join movement educator and bodyworker Dominique Daly
along with meditation instructor Dr. Vijaya Nair, as they
techniques specifically designed to raise consciousness

These include movement, breath work and mental exercises.

This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to learn
to tap into your innate intelligence and Higher Self.
Explore Mindful Movement, enhance and deepen
your meditation skill set for every activity, every day.

Mindful Movements for Meditation and Spinal Health
 with Dr. Vijaya Nair and Dominique Daly

Originally Presented at The New York Open Center

You will discover mindful movement and meditation practices based on both ancient Eastern healing wisdom and modern evidence-based clinical work, all designed to help us relieve stress, dissipate excessive tension; normalize blood pressure; expand our body awareness; and balance body, mind, and soul.

We will explore:

  • breathwork and meditation techniques -- how and why they help
  • uncomplicated movement approaches and beneficial exercises
  • judicious body alignment to strengthen the spine and to sit and meditate comfortably without undue tension for best results

Come learn simple but highly effective ways to improve your spinal alignment, find ease in your movements and sitting postures. Refresh your vitality, enhance your well-being, and benefit all the activities in your day.


Thank you wholeheartedly for your continued participation and input!  

Live Fully, Live Vibrantly!  

Your Spirit Wants It, Your Mind Knows It, Your Body Shows It!


To obtain good results, we must travel in harmony and blend ourselves with Nature’s truths. - Andrew T. Still, MD, DO