Bodywork Therapeutics

Education, Therapy & Training to Optimize Your Quality of Life

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Our Mission, Approach & Goal


Promote wellness in our community: Provide Advanced Bodywork Therapy; Teach effective, Holistic Integrative Bodywork, Movement and Self-Care solutions that address and empower the whole person for greater autonomy and self-reliance. 


Comprehensive Bodywork Therapy and Education with One-on-One Coaching & Training for the Individual. 

Support and empower individuals with simple to manage, clinically proven effective movement, bodywork and self-care practices that help maintain healthy levels of functionality and well-being for an optimized quality of life, throughout life. 

Strengthen the body's own ability to heal and maintain the healthy vibrant state it is designed to function from.

Restore/ Improve balance in the interdependent Structural (posture) and Functional (movement) systems of the human body; teach & train each individual with better adapted methods-of-use tailored to their own particular body, biomechanics and circumstances; how to sit, stand, and move more effectively and with greater ease; expand the scope of deemed possible activities; debunk myths about exercise and wellness that are holding many back from their true potential.


Provide the necessary therapy, teach self-care principles and effective movement methods to correct and/or improve upon a sub-optimal, disabling or limiting physical condition, address chronic pain syndromes, rehabilitate trauma, manage stress, help improve upon current unsatisfactory levels of wellness.  

My Personal Commitment

I teach strategies that work for my clients. And I know that they are likely to work for you in improving your quality of life beyond mere expectations. When you feel ready to make real and lasting changes, please, call me and let us set a time for a consultation. It will help you reach greater clarity on goals, and review the available, appropriate solutions to achieve those goals safely and remarkably.

What I will share with you are not gimmicks, theories or tricks, but proven tools and principles that I have actually used in my personal practice and at my clinic for many years, as well as taught during the course of numerous workshops to professionals and laymen alike. 

I am dedicated to improving the quality of life of each individual who comes to me for help. No exception.

"To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease". - A.T. Still, MD, Founder of Osteopathy 

What Is Bodywork?

Bodywork, a common term that is used not only in body shops for car repairs, or a class of strenuous exercises in health clubs, but also as a generic term in Alternative, Complementary and Integrative Medicine, to describe a wide array of personal development and therapeutic approaches that have the potential to improve the health and well-being of enrolled participants.

Bodywork may involve practitioner active, or practitioner-guided Movement Methodologies (such as with Western techniques, whether designed by Moshe Feldenkrais-Feldenkrais Method, Joseph Heller-Hellerworks, Thomas Hanna-Somatics, F.M. Alexander-Alexander Technique, or Aaron Mattes-Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening, aka AIS); Traditional Eastern body-mind-spirit integrated developmental methods (Yoga, Tai-Chi, Qi-kung or Kung-fu); Breath-work (Pranayama); Energy Work (Reiki, Therapeutic Touch); or Western Manual Therapies (Traditional Osteopathy-OMM, Chiropractics, Massage Therapy) where the client/ patient is in a position of passive receiver for the vast majority of the time, rather than an active participant.
(Note: This is a short list rather than an exhaustive one. Bodywork modalities add up to triple digit numbers.)

A wide range of approaches and numerous modalities are found in the Alternative Medicine field of Bodywork that are known to have benefits not only to the physical "body", such as in improving 'functionality', but also to the 'body-mind connection', aiming to enhance awareness and experience greater connection to self - and consciousness.

World-renowned Kinesiotherapist says:

Aaron Mattes, MS, LMT, RKT, founder of Active Isolated Stretching & Strengthening, Sarasota, FL:
"Mr. Daly is among a select group of advanced practitioners chosen by myself and Dr. Jeffrey Haqquist, DO, for their skills and experience to elevate AIS to become part of the bigger picture of musculoskeletal therapy in the medical community. As an advanced teacher and practitioner, his role in this effort is paramount. I have seen few people in my 40 years of experience as well qualified to carry out all phases of AIS."

Simsbury Manufacturing Executive says: 

Beverly N., suffering from painful adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder)
"After injuring my shoulder but prior to my first session with Dominique, I dealt with months of physical therapy and some acupuncture as well.  Although PT may work well for some people, I often felt more uncomfortable following treatment than I had beforehand.  Since beginning therapy with Dominique, there has been significant improvement in many areas including range of motion, arm strength and much less pain.  His gentle exercises have not been uncomfortable and yet have been very effective."