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Shoulder Injury/ Frozen Shoulder - Fall From a Ladder

ISSUE: Rotator Cuff Tear with Post-surgical severe Adhesive Capsulitis

"Prior to my first session with Dominique, I dealt with months of physical therapy, and acupuncture. Beginning therapy with Dominique readily brought on significant improvement in many areas, including range of motion, strength and reduction in pain. His gentle exercises have not been uncomfortable - and yet very effective." - Bev.N., Simsbury, CT

OUTCOMES: ROM, strength and flexibility fully restored to rotator cuff and neck. No residual pain.


Knee Injury - Skiing Accident

ISSUEAnterior Cruciate Ligament Tear 2nd Degree Sprain

"Since my ski accident and partial Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tear, I was unsure of how best to heal. Whether to have surgery, or keep on the path of physical therapy. 

After meeting Dominique, I knew I was making the right choice in allowing his expertise to guide me along in this healing process. His incredible insight and understanding of the body made me feel confident and assured that I was on the right path. 

I now have a stable knee and (a personal) practice that incorporate my love of yoga and strengthening." - Courtney M., Bedford, NY

OUTCOMES: Restored stability, strength and flexibility. No pain. No surgery. Able to ski again.


Spinal Stenosis - Program Effectiveness

ISSUES: Debilitative Chronic Pain; Spinal Stenosis; Double Hip Replacement

"I particularly appreciate the fact that you listen to my physical comments and adapt the program accordingly as we go. It's obvious that you look at each person individually and never attempt to utilize one program to fit all. As a result I feel that I made significant progress to date." -- Damien D., Hartford, CT 

OUTCOMES: Surgery no longer needed; debilitating pain eliminated; no more meds; can walk, climb stairs, bike ride; have a normal, vibrant life again.


Dominique offers techniques of movement and breathing that really help alleviate pain with regular practice. He has a unique depth and breadth of knowledge as to the working of the body. - Jenny D., Pound Ridge, NY
Very supportive and inspiring Program. Really learned a great deal that I can use in my daily life and practice.  - Maureen C. New York, NY

Mr. Daly is inspiring, a deeply caring professional and teacher. Looking forward to taking future classes from him. - Jamie, New York, NY

I have changed the way I think about my physical problems. - J.M., NY

The class has a wonderful balance of material. I would definitely take more classes from Dominique Daly. Thank you! - Molly, NY
The class was very in-depth... understanding the psychology and physiology of movement. How to engage and retrain the nervous systemThe presenter has a wide base of knowledge in this and many other disciplines. - Anne, Armonk, NY

I find that Dominique is very helpful, encouraging and makes you want to practice and commit to your health - and finding joy in the practice itself. - Deirdre B., Armonk, NY

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication to our welfare and the sensitivity you have shown to each of one of us, to our individual problems - J., Pound Ridge, NY

Mr. Daly was so approachable and easy to speak with. The holistic approach of being committed to what you need and want. - Pam. F., Armonk, NY

World-renowned Kinesiotherapist:

Aaron Mattes, MS, LMT, RKT, creator of AIS, Active Isolated Stretching & Strengthening
"Mr. Daly is among a select group of advanced practitioners chosen by myself and Dr. Jeffrey Haqquist, DO, for their skills and experience to elevate AIS to become part of the bigger picture of musculoskeletal therapy in the medical community. As an advanced teacher and practitioner, his role in this effort is paramount. I have seen few people in my 40 years of experience as well qualified to carry out all phases of AIS."

"The most significant thing about my relationship with Dominique is the one-on-one tailored treatment he gives. It's not cookie cutter style, and if something is not working, he finds other methods of treatment that work for me as an individual. He is very accessible and kind." - Joan N., Simsbury, CT, (Sacro-Iliac Joint Dysfunction and Chronic Back Pain)


Dominique Daly's Personal Commitment

"As as specialized therapist, teacher and trainer, I am fully dedicated to improving the quality of life for each and every individual who comes to me for help. No exception.

"To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease". - A.T. Still, MD, DO